Our offer includes chemical processing of wood. Every project is realized by us with the utmost care, and the obtained color shade of wood gives a new character, warmth, and unique aesthetic experience to any interior.

The wood received from you can be used for example as parquet, decorative lamellas for the wall or countertops. For ammonia fuming we accept oak, beech and ash wood. Wood after the smoking process is additionally ventilated, which allows to get rid of the smell of ammonia. The wood obtained by you can be scraped many times and it won’t lose its new color shade.

We treat each client individually to ensure the highest standard of service. Our offers are tailor-made in order to meet your expectations. On our part, we offer professional cooperation. We ensure, that the effects will satisfy even the most demanding. In order to familiarize with the offer and determine the details, please contact us.

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